The Capital Area Table Tennis Team League

Also affectionately known as the "Super League" or simply the "League" is a seasonal league with teams from the general Washington, DC area.

We have teams of all levels, from advanced beginners to 2500-level players. We love the fun of team competition and the team spirit that only a team league generates. We look forward to growing a regional league system in the U.S., fostering friendship among players, providing players with a fun way to compete and developing the sport.

Team Format

Teams are freely formed by players (in some cases they may represent a specific club or another organization) and have a roster of at least 3 players of similar strength.

Each team is placed in a division with similarly rated teams. The League runs two seasons per year: one in the Fall (Oct-Feb) and one in the Spring (Apr-Jun).

Matches occur during monthly "meet-ups", organized at local clubs. There are typically 4-6 meet-ups per season and each team can expect to play two team contest every meet-up. Each team contest is made up of 6 individual matches ("singles") and 1 doubles match ("double").


Divisions, schedules, prizes, and other logistical aspects are adjusted for each season, depending on various factors, and announced prior to the first meet-up.

Details on prize money for current or upcoming season click below:

Do I need a membership?

No USATT membership is required to play. Matches do not compute for USATT rating. Participation fee is currently set at $225 per team (early-bird discounted fee) or $275 (full fee). All money collected is used for prizes and operational expenses (club fees).

The Committee

Wen Hsu, Larry Hodges, Han Nguyen, William Xu (Junior committee member) and Mossa Barandao(commissioner)

The league committee is entirely made up of volunteers, who receive no compensation.