Spring 2017 Season Starts April 16, 2017

Team signup is now closed.

$2,000+ in prizes

  • Division 1: $800/$400
  • Division 2: $400/$200
  • Division 3: $200/$100
  • Division 4: trophies/medals

Most Valuable Player


Award: $50 per Div MVP

Everyone is welcome

All ages and levels of play from all over the Capital region.

Meetup Schedule

1st Sun 04/16/17 MDTTC
2nd Sat 04/29/17 Smash
3rd Sun 05/14/17 WDCTT
4th Sat 05/27/17 Smash
5th Sat 06/17/17 MDTTC

Important Deadlines

Deadline for submitting team's complete roster is April 5, 2017


  • Teams have a roster of at least 3 players.
  • Team contests will have 6 individual matches and one doubles.
  • Each team will be placed in a division according to their ratings, with similarly-rated teams – priority consideration will be given to teams who have participated in the last season
  • No USATT membership required to play.
  • Detail league rules here.

Note: Meet-up locations, hours, and prizes are contingent upon clubs availability, number of teams, and sponsors participation and may be revised before the start of the season.

League photo

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